H.I.D. Lighting ( High Intensity Discharge ) uses a xenon gas to obtain a very bright light. Halogen lights have a colour temperature of around 3200 degrees Kelvin. HID lights however produce a colour temperature of 4300K and higher depending on the globe you use.

The sun by the way produces light temperature at around 5250K at midday.

What are the legalities of these lights in our overgoverned country of Australia ? .... Honestly, who knows, and frankly who cares anymore. The more these government departments try to justify their own existence and bog us down in legislation, subsections and bullet points .... The more my eyes glaze over. Is it any wonder more and more people are giving up on rules and regulations.

My advise would be USE COMMON SENSE when fitting these lights. In my installation below I have only replaced the high beam globe with the HID's, leaving the low beam globe as standard and thus there being no way I will blind oncoming drivers around built up areas.

* The Kit was a 35watt ballast and was purchased from Hong Kong on Ebay at a cost of about $37

* The Kit consists of 2 x ballasts and globes and wiring looms.

* The globe I chose has a colour temperature of 4300K ( low in HID terms )

* You can see the difference between the standard globe and the HID in the photo in the top left of the page.
This is how the kit arrived from Hong Kong only one of the ballast kits is shown here
Ballast is mounted behind the consol dash. It is cable tied and siliconed in place to prevent movement. I had a concern here that the powering up of the unit would interfere with the electronics within the consol, but everything works fine.
Standard 55 Watt low beam globe
Standard 55 Watt  high beam globe
35 Watt HID system replacing the high beam globe only.
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