So youv'e bought your new bike and your worried about it being stolen ..... welcome to the world of motorcycles.
The level to which a person secures their motorcycle ( or any vehicle for that matter ) depends on a number of things. My purpose isn't intented to tell you what measures you should take to secure your bike from damage or theft.... thats up to you to decide, but rather to go over the options and their costs.
Insurance ....

Probably the most costly ( and ongoing ) expence is insurance. Insurance won't stop your bike being stolen, nor will it stop your bike from being damaged. There are two types of insurance and although this moves away from the heading of "Security" it may help to go over their pros and cons.

Full comprehensive property insurance
This insurance covers the cost of damage your vehicle inflicts on other vehicles or personal property. It also covers the cost of repairs to your vehicle even though your vehicle may be at fault in a accident. The plus with this type of insurance cover is that it gives you peace of mind in knowing that you don't have to pay for the repairs to your vehicle. The downside is that it is more expensive.

Third party property insurance
This insurance covers the cost of repairs to other vehicles or property should your vehicle be at fault in an accident. It does not cover the cost of repairs to you own vehicle. The down side of this is obvious.

Things to take into consideration with insurance.
1. Generally all motorcycle insurance is costly
2. The cost of insurance can vary greatly on a number of factors.... your age, where you live, where you park your bike, how many accidents you have had in the past, how big your bike is in engine capacity, what type of bike it is.
3. These types of insurance do not cover you or other people for personal injuries incured in an accident. That type of insurance is called "personal insurance" and you pay for personal insurance either as part of your vehicle registration or greenslip.
Remember, insurance will only give you peace of mind and will not act as deterent for thieves.
Manufacturers factory fitted security devices ....

Unlike car manufacturers, motorcycle manufacturers have in the past rated poorly in providing factory fitted security. The most you would have recieved would have been a steering lock. These days however they are becoming more security consious and some are fitting  transponder key locks to bikes. In short, the key "talks" to the computer built into the bike to tell it that it is the correct key to start the bike.
After market alarms ....

There are about as many types of alarm on the market as there are bikes. The thing to remember is that assuming your motorcycle has a 12 volt wiring system then a car alarm will also fit. At the lower end of the market you could pick up a cheap alarm for about $50.00 on ebay. Spend a bit more, around $200 - $300 and you could probably pick up an alarm with a paging system that send a signal via RF to the remote control on your keychain. Range on this sort of alarm is 1 - 2 Kilometres line of sight. The bells and whistles $900.00 goes to Rojones BikeBandit.. Fitted with GPS tracking and a mobile phone it will not only call your mobile phone but will also alow you to track the bikes position.
Disk Locks ....

Disk locks are a device much like a very heavy duty padlock which is specially shapped to lock onto a disk rotor ( in fact you could use an every day padlock ). The advantage of this type of lock is that it gives an added level of security. The downfall of such a device is of course that there is nothing to stop 4 good men from just lifting your bike onto a trailer, also the level of security you get out of a disklock is only as good as the quality of the locking pin.
Chains and Anchors ....

Chains and Anchors are another feel good device. Remember when I said that there is nothing to stop four good men from simply lifting your bike onto a trailer and driving off ? Well a chain and anchor point are meant to overcome this. I have seen video ( probably on Utube ) of a group of people testing a number of brands of chains on the market using a large pair of bolt cutters. All chains failed the test.
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