Here are a few riding tips for comfortable riding ......

1. Buy a set of Army dog tags....
..... and have your
   * Name
   * Drivers License Number
   * Blood Group
..... embossed on them and add it to your keyring. If you lose your keys and someone finds them they will not be able to identify you or easily identify your bike ... but the police can if they are handed in.

Also have a look at this:- Road ID

2. Rain on your Visor ...
Can't get rid of the rain on your visor when riding along ?

Try rubbing SNO-SEAL on your visor then polish off before you head off...and the rain will bead right off. Turn your head slightly when it rains as you ride along and you will find the water slides off the visor.

3. Carry a Digital Camera ...
Always carry a small cheap digital camera on the bike for taking photos of accidents and details.

4. Heated Handgrips ...
Fit a set of heated handgrips to the bike .... makes a big difference in winter. You might also consider doing away with the control switch that comes with the heated grips and instead fit a Heat Troller controller, they are solid state and won't let you down.

5. Carry a button light ...
Carry a small LED button light on your pocket or keyring. And you might also consider throwing a small waterproof tactical flashlight in your pocket .... there is nothing worse than getting caught out on a lonely road with a dead bike and no light to find the tool bag.

6. Moving your bike around ....
If your riding a heavy bike and trying to move it around while sitting on it ( backing it out of a parking spot for example ), then I suggest that you drag your feet and keep them flat on the ground as you do so. This will lessen the likleyhood of you stepping on a small rock or stick and have your footing go out from under you.

7. Earplugs ....
Keep a set of disposable earplugs in your pocket ... you never know when you may need them.

8. Sunscreen ...
Although sunscreen is a great idea when heading outdoors, think twice when applying it to your face just prior to putting your helmet on. I speak from experience when I say that if you sweat under your helmet and the sunscreen runs into your eyes ... It hurts like hell !!
Update: I have found that "banana boat" sunscreen does not leave a greasy residue on your skin and is great for wearing under your helmet.

9. Laminate your Registration Labels ...
Before attaching your new registration label to the bike, try laminating it first before popping it into the holder. It stops the weather getting to it which causes the writing to fade.

10. Buy a few compression bags and dry bags....
Very handy for storing your bike gear while on a ride. A weekends worth of clothes can be compressed down to the size of a loaf of bread.

11. Always check your text and voice mail messages on your phone before leaving home on a group ride....
Theres nothing worse than turning up at the start point to find that the ride has been cancelled and your friends are still in bed.

12. Remembering that you have all the important stuff before you head off ....
Say this to yourself
       "Spectacles, Testicles, Wallet and Watch"

Packing the bike for travel

Kathmandu is the place to go for Fleecy clothing, Fleecy clothing is pretty warm and comfortable ... for the apre riding. They have sales about twice a year and also carry a good range of thermal clothing ( long johns )

Sleeping bags:- Down is fine but if it gets wet then your stuffed. Synthetic bags have come a long way over the years, I use a 3 season synthetic sleeping bag - cost $100.00 - and scrunches up into a stuff sack ... about the size of a loaf of bread. I also keep by sleeping bag in a drybag.

Blankets:- I have not tried this but I have seen the silvered emergency blankets used to retain body heat ( saw a doco where a guy travelling across a desert used one). Price about $3.00 each.

Tents:- I have been all over Australia in the 4X4 and never used a tent. If it rained I strung up a $30.00 tarp. However, I have bought a Black Wolf tent for the Nana Glen weekend - Cost about $200.00. I have also purchased a 3 man tent .... which has a lot more room and is very comfortable.

Toiletries:- Will all fit inside a childs lunchbox ... and that includes sample bottles of aftershave.

First aid kit:- will also fit inside a childs lunchbox.... and thats a pretty good kit.


2 x pair of undies
2 x t-shirts
2 x pair socks
If it's cold, then a pair of track pants and a jumper.

Other things I carry:-
Garmin Vista GPS
Tactical flashlight here
Wooworths sell Windex wipes and Baby wipes in small carry packs.
A "BUFF" neck warmer ... can turn into lots of things.

The killer I find these days are all the charging devices that have to be carried for Phone, mp3 player, uhf radio.

Dry Bags can be found here